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3-Reel and 5-Reel Classic Slots

Classic Slots are based upon the traditional fruit machines, or one-armed bandits, that were once found in arcades. They are simpler slot machines that are less flashy than modern video slots. The games generally feature just three reels and very few paylines. Furthermore, the symbols on the reels are usually very traditional and include symbols such as cherries, watermelons, plums, lemons, red sevens, and so on. However, while Classic Slots may be a simpler kind of game, they can still provide a great deal of excitement and offer the chance of great rewards.

Bringing Classic Slots Into The Modern Age

While Classic Slots may be a return to traditional fruit machines, they are of course modern games and as such, will often offer many thoroughly modern features. The games may not offer as many special features as video slots, but there are still plenty of them. Many Classic Slots will still give you the chance to win free spins; some will also feature multipliers, sticky wild symbols, and even bonus games. Don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of some Classic Slots, they still offer a great deal of enjoyment.

The Structure of a Classic Slot

In many ways, what makes a slot classic is the structure of the reels and paylines. Video slots will normally have five reels, if not more, while Classic Slots will nearly always have three. The advantage of this is that there is less to keep track of and you need to land fewer symbols to win the top payouts. The most traditional Classic Slots have just one payline that goes through the middle of the reels. However, as you explore the games, you will see that are plenty of Classic Slots with more paylines. Sometimes they even run diagonally across the reels and vertically. The more paylines there are the easier it becomes to land a win, so if you are a classic slots fan, be sure to take a look at the payline structure.

Bonus Features in Classic Slots

There are some bonus features that are common to the vast majority of Classic Slots, namely wild and scatter symbols. These are so common that they are rarely thought of as bonus features, but they are there to make it a bit easier to land wins. A wild symbol will substitute for most, if not all, of the other symbols on the reels to help you complete wins. Furthermore, wild symbols are often the most valuable. Scatter symbols take their name from the fact that they can land scattered across the reels and still award payouts, meaning you don’t need to worry about landing them on a payline. Better yet, scatter symbols will often payout multiples of your total bet rather than your line bet so the payouts can be far bigger!

How to Play Classic Slots

Classic slots are very easy to play. Before spinning the reels there are up to three things you need to decide on, how many paylines to activate, what coin size to play with, and how many coins to bet per payline. In some games the paylines may be fixed, or there may not be a variable coin size, so you will just need to set your total bet per spin. Then you can just click on spin to set the reels in motion. You will also find buttons such as ‘Bet Max’ to quickly place large bets, and ‘Auto Play’ to set a predetermined number of spins in motion. The aim of the game is to land matching symbols along paylines, and if you land enough then you will win a payout. You can find full details about each game in its paytable.