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Watch the Real Roulette Wheels Spin Live in High Definition

There is nothing quite like the feeling of watching the ball wiz round the Roulette wheel and decide your fate. With our Live Dealer Roulette games you can experience the same excitement as you would in a land casino. The croupiers are streamed to you in high definition, complete with live audio from the casino floor, and they will interact with you to create an exciting and welcoming atmosphere. Take a seat at our tables and see if you can beat the wheel.

Live European Roulette - The Classic Game

European Roulette is the form of the game most often found in casinos. It is played with a Roulette wheel that has been split into thirty-seven numbered segments, 0 – 36, and players simply bet on which number a ball will come to rest on within the spinning wheel. The professional croupiers are streamed to you live from a casino floor in HD and you can watch from multiple angles as the ball comes to rest within the wheel. The game also offers all the features the serious player needs, such as a Racetrack view, the ability to save favourite bets, and history information.

Live French Roulette - Discover Roulette’s Roots

Roulette is a French game and the name actually comes from the French for ‘Little Wheel’. As a result, in some ways Live French Roulette is a return to the original form of the game. It makes use of the original French betting terms and offers a hugely enjoyable experience with the professional and friendly croupiers streamed to you in high definition. While you play you can interact with our croupiers and your fellow players (but you won’t have to talk French), and the game’s many features will ensure that you have a smooth playing experience. If you are looking for authenticity, then you won’t find anything better than Live French Roulette without leaving the house.

Live Immersive Roulette - A Whole New World

If you want to be transported into the heart of the action then Live Immersive Roulette is the game for you. It features multiple cameras that take you closer to the action than ever before. As the croupier spins the wheel you can follow every movement of the ball in 200 frames per second high definition video. You can also enjoy slow motion replays of the ball coming to rest on the wheel.

Live Auto Roulette - A Faster Game

Roulette is not a particularly fast-paced game; it takes some time for players to place bets and for the ball to spin within the wheel. However, if you are looking for high speed Roulette action then Live Auto Roulette is the answer. The game does not have a croupier; instead, an advanced and fully automated Roulette wheel that is capable of up to 80 games per hour powers it. The action never stops and there will always be space at the table. Try this exciting game today and experience Roulette as never before.

Live Roulette VIP - A High Stakes Game

If you enjoy high stakes Roulette then our VIP tables are the perfect place to play. They offer the same immersive experience as all of our other Live Roulette games but have higher betting limits. It is a luxurious playing experience with truly professional croupiers who ensure that there is an enjoyable atmosphere and smooth gameplay at all time.

How to Play Roulette

Don’t worry if you have never played Roulette before. It is a very simple game to learn and you can start playing in no time at all. At the centre of the game is a spinning wheel that is divided into numbered segments, a ball is released into the wheel, and you need to bet on which number the ball will come to rest on. To make the game more interesting the numbers on the wheel and the betting area have a special layout. This allows you to bet on individual numbers and groups of numbers, such as all the even numbers. Thanks to this, there are various Roulette betting strategies that serve to make the game even more exciting. 

Roulette Payouts

The payouts on offer may vary slightly from game to game, but in general Roulette offers a top payout of 36x for correctly betting on an individual number. The smallest payouts of 2x are won for correct bets on large groups of numbers such as all the reds, blacks, odd or even numbers. There are a number of different bet types offering various payouts in between, so be sure to make sure you understand the game’s paytable before you play.